Reasons to book to with us

  • Dedicated arena to play combat archery in

  • Over 16 different game modes to play keeps our sessions fresh, exciting and competitive!

  • Thorough instruction and training so that all players can engage and play to their full potential!

  • Practice range for players to get up to speed in shooting

  • Full protection in helmets, masks and armguards (we don’t charge extra for any equipment)

  • Memories created through group winner / loser pictures at the end of session with our unique signs ( we don’t charge for the picture - free upload to our Facebook page)

  • We don’t charge extra for venue hire because we have a permanent venue unlike other Combat Archery / Archery Tag providers

  • We are committed to improving The Archertype experience through new game modes, open play sessions, coaching and have plans to introduce a Community League!

If you would like to add more members to your party simply let us know via email and we'll arrange the session and outstanding payment on arrival.

Discounted pricing for private groups / special offers and coupons are all only available for online bookings. For any additional players that are added on the day of the session will be charged at RRP: £20 per person.