The ArcherType - Combat Archery Venue - Manchester

The Archertype
Unit 10A, Universal Building , 37 - 49 Devonshire Street North, Ardwick, Manchester
M12 6JR


Combat Archery Experience

“Real life hunger games” “Feel like Legolas” “Adrenaline Rush”

All phrases used to described combat archery with us at The Archertype. We’ll make sure you enjoy your time with us and become a Pro Katniss / Hawkeye in no time!

You sign in at the reception desk, signing waivers and settling any outstanding payment then go to training for a briefing on health and safety and how to hold the bow and arrow.

Following that, you’ll have full equipment provided and opportunities to train on our range to perfect your skills.

Next, we’ll jump into the arena and get straight into the action! Games are done in two teams (Black and White) to accumulate the most points, with the winner getting bragging rights with our winner/loser photos!



Classic Gameplay

Classic is played like the sport of dodgeball. Starting from your back lines you’ll run to the centre to retrieve a single arrow and begin fighting against your opponents! Using your bow and foam-tipped arrows you’ll have to strategically decide to shoot players or spot targets. Obstacles appear on either side of the arena and teams must work together to fulfil their victory condition. Each game of Classic Combat Archery lasts no longer than 5 minutes and can be played with 6 - 20 players. Players can be revived through fellow teammates catching an arrow or knocking out one of the spot targets. Games are won in one of the three below ways:

Combat Archery Manchester Archery Tag Fun activity things to do different try

1. Be the first to knock out all five SPOT TARGETS
of the opposing team

corporate team building Manchester work night out things to do activity combat archery unique unforgettable experience

2. Disqualify the opposing team by tagging out all of their players

About The Archertype Manchester Combat Archery Tag exciting parties and fun things to do

3. Accumulate more points than the opposing team when the time limit reaches zero


How To Find Us?

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Public Transport

The Archertype can be accessed via the 192 bus or 201, 203, 204, 205 bus to Ardwick and is then a 5 minute walk. We are 20 minutes walk from Oxford Road (Universities) and 15 minutes from Manchester Piccadilly Train Station and 3 minutes from Ardwick Train Station.

Unit 10A, Universal Building

We are situated opposite Universal Square Business Centre in Universal Building on the second floor.

Where To Park?

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Private Car Park

The Car Park adjacent to Universal Building is private ran and offers 8 hours of parking for £3.

Off Road Parking

Cars can park on Higher Ardwick in the evenings or on the weekend. Alternatively drivers can park on Temperance Street which has no parking restrictions.