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What can I expect in a session?

Manchester is beginning to get up to speed with how awesome a game of indoor Combat Archery can be. A team-based game that is super competitive, action-packed and full of thrills is gaining more and more fans each week! Our court is 3000 sq. feet and designed so that if you’re precise and quick enough, you’re bound to strike out your targets! With our 18 - 22 lb bows you’ll have enough power to shoot right across the court onto your foe’s noggin. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an immobile sport, you’ll be scrambling for arrows, moving into action and dodging at the last second in this exciting game!

What does a session comprise of?

Our standard sessions are a structured 75 minute slot, divided into 10 minutes of training and 60 minutes of gameplay with a 5 minute rest in between for water or toilet breaks. In the 10 minutes training you’ll receive a briefing on health and safety, how to hold the bow and nock (attach) your arrows to the bowstring as well as how to fire safely and effectively. You’ll have time to kit up in our armoury with a choice of headgear and armguards and then practice on our training range at some targets where your form will be corrected and advised on in how to improve. All this practice is to ensure that when you’re in the arena you can be at your best eliminating the targets and dominating the competition!

In the 60 minutes of gameplay we always start off with games of ‘Classic’ Combat Archery for first-timers as it’s a good introduction into the sport and covers a lot of the fundamentals to the game.

The three ways to win in ‘Classic’ are:
1. Eliminate all opposing team members
2. Eliminate all targets
3. Have the most targets knocked out/ most remaining team members

This game mode encourages players to shoot the enemy team, take out objective based targets and to work together to attain victory. The game mode also serves to introduce players to the component of “revival’ when a target is knocked out or an arrow is caught, which ensures that no player is sitting on the sidelines waiting and instead jumps back into the action!

After a quick break, the facilitator will then choose different game modes depending on your group dynamic, higher skilled formats or more fun silly ones to entertain everyone. If players have seen particular game modes that they are fond of, they can suggest them and the facilitator will work that in if possible.

Games are done on a team vs team basis, team selection is done by the facilitator to balance out each team unless there are existing rivalries then which we are more than happy to accommodate for! Our two teams , Team Black and Team White will be encouraged to talk strategy and tactics with one another to best get the upper hand. At the end of all the games , one team is declared the winner and one team the loser, the consequences of this are winning team photos with our placards which say positive phrases such as ‘Tag me if you can’ and ‘Hawkeye’ whilst the losing team gets ‘Needs more practice’ and ‘The arrows just love me.’ All photo memories can be found on our Facebook page with the occasional photos/live videos uploaded on our Instagram story. Both accessible through @thearchertype: /

If all that is not enough for you then we do have addons that make it a 2 hour session! These can all be added at time of booking which allows for more memories, action scenes and unforgettable moments!

We hope to see you in the arena soon!