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The Beginning - The Archertype

How it all started

It seems like it was only yesterday when I was viewing a video of Archery Tag being played for the first time. But it was in that encounter back in 2016 that I was first captivated. Here was a sport that was growing in other countries that was so different, fun and exciting, I just knew that I had to play it. Time passed since I first watched the video and conversations in which I had of “have you seen this video about this new sport called Archery Tag? It’s awesome” faded into the background as people thought it was cool but there was nowhere really to play it.

And I thought “what a shame.”

Fast forward another year and coming across another video of Combat Archery in play I was re-hyped and itching to play but still there was nothing suitable close by. It was during my down-time of assessing what next to do in my life that I realised I didn’t want to be someone who helped facilitate a corporate dream but instead a dream of my own using the gifts and talents I believe God has given me. So the inner monologue arose.

“What? You’re going to try and start a Business? You have no idea how to start, let alone run one. What would your business even be on?”

Then it struck me. The foam tipped arrow on the back of my head! No i’m kidding.

It wasn’t until my first day of forced leave from my corporate job ( I had accrued too much leave) that I came across Archery Tag again. This time I was hooked. I researched video after video, article after article, picture after picture all in search of this sport and where I could play regularly and part of a community local to me. But alas nothing. The worst part of this was seeing how well developed other communities were in other countries such as in Canada, America, Malaysia and Australia. I was so envious of their players able to play week in , week out in the sport that I longed to play but still had never the chance to.

And that’s when I decided, if no one else is going to create this community and a place where you can enjoy Archery Tag in Manchester. Then I will do it.

The Archertype as a name came about as being the person who enjoys playing Archery Tag. Hence I hope that all will join in me being the Archertype.

This was a nice throwback writing this. Hope to see you in the Arena soon!

(The Archertype’s Owner)